Report process

I think that for the report, well I will do some searches for writing as a buyer and from that I can find out more way of communication that is done with in the field. A part on e-mailing will definately be needed because it is such a big part of the process from when I interviewed a buyer, but also negoitation will be needed in there but in order to make the report full i will need to find other types of communication or writing that is done in the field. This will be broken down into explaining the job and then giving some background and also explaining each writing in detail.


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a silly buyer

This blog was hilarious and as an assistant buyer now I can totally relate to the first day of working and doing the jobs that you never wanted to do. My first day as a buyer I don’t remember doing anything half way important. I think all the silly things I learned that day were completely forgotten within the hour I left work. And for the next 2 months I didn’t actually do anything important either. It wasn’t until recently that I have felt that what I am doing is actually important, but I honestly am starting to realize that comes with any type of job. 

 There are things like the “fruit break” this is something that is totally outrageous but really all that bad of an idea, but something that seems to be completely ridiculous. I don’t know what I would say if my company told me that this is what happens each day in the office. And the cheese bit at the end of the blog I never really understood but she never said her company so that might be why I didn’t understand that bit.

This is definitely not the most useful blog for someone that is thinking about going into this business but at the same time it is because you have to understand that your first days as an assistant, no matter what type of an assistant it is, it will be more of a BS job at first than you can possibly imagine, but one day it will get better and you will learn at more as time goes on.


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Julie-Ann Blog (buyer)

Julie-Ann is a link of a buyer. She is basically promoting Darren dunner but at the same time she is giving advice to what each of the markets hold. From missy to plus sizes, to jrs. to crazy trends. She goes into detail about the Juniors market and the plus size market. It says that the Jrs. market is very important or significant because of the cost factor. This is important as a buyer for companies and its very true that the jrs. market is probably one of the most important and significant market especially for the department stores because of the cost. I found what she said very useful with the plus size market as well, with that it is harder to buy for the because of the sensitivity of women in the plus size market. Women are the hardest to buy for in general but women of the larger sizes are more complicated and there is much less variety in dress.

The only thing that I personally don’t find as useful about this blog is one the way that it is set up and two that its based off of wholesaling. This is not really the market place that I was looking for but as a buyer I buy for a wholesale market but not FOR the whole sale market. This is the only issue I have with this blog. There is still alot of useful information that you can use from this blog though as a buyer from the whole sale and not for the whole sale market. The ideas of all the different types of clothing and sizes are helpful no matter what market you are buying for.

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Part III

I think the most interesting question to me in part III is the idea that businesses take time to give their employees refresher course on writting skills. I don’t think it something I really had thought about but its important if you hadn’t had an english class in 30 years, it might be really important for the employees to constantly be updated on what the writing techniques are today or at the period of time. Also advancing in your career because of writing. I don’t know how helpful this would be in my field of work but if someone working to AT&T can advance because of good writing skills it might be something to take in consideration and really take the time to make sure that my writing skills are up to par and that I might help me make more money or even just grow in the company more. I also found it interesting that writing for Cisco didn’t require anything beyond the basic level of writing. How is this so? I mean we go through so many courses and such to improve our writing but yet at the same time we don’t have to know beyond the basic level. Don’t you learn that in high school? or is college there just to refresh your writing? Its just something that i find very contradictory.

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Ideas on the Profile Assignment

Who do I want to interview? The guy that I wanted to interview is out of the country for the next month, so really he would be impossible to really get a hold of, so that is out of the question, but he would had been really interesting because his job is AMAZINGLY dynamic. This man has done anything from being and english teacher with his english degree to writing 3 books, to being a FBI agent. Who does that? Well, as my second resort I am going with someone in my field of study. The head buyer at the University of Missouri. She runs 5 stores and sells over 25 millions dollars worth of merchandise. I think I really need to learn what a buyer entails and what kind of writing she does on a daily basis. I understand e-mailing is huge but what else does she do? And how much of the skills she learned in school actually help her in her daily job routines. These are the most important focuses of my interview.

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Part II

Part II in write up the coprorate ladder is interview people from companies and asking them about their writting style. The point that some people are good writters and some people are good proofreaders, I found it interesting becuase I know I am so bad at proof reading but that I love to write. I also find it interesting in how that many of the business people really refer to the lessons they learned in college or high school or even grammar school and still take these and implement them into their writing. Many said they use only these 3 or 2 rules in their writing but they still use them and thats what is important. You go through school and dont always think you will use the information one day but english is proven to be useful all through life, but look at the examples in this book.

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As of today, I would like to interview someone in my department. Why do i say as of today? Well when we go this assignment I thought I wanted to interview another man that works for a company that my father is starting working out because his job is so dynamic and interesting but, he is not avaliable due to traveling, so the best option is someone in my department. There are alot of people in my department, and I havent decided what actually company would be good for interview, I just know I want to interview someone that is a buyer for a company.

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chapters 10 and 11 of Naked Conversations

Chapter 10 really gave me in-site on what is really wrong with the blogging world. It almost made me intimidated to really go out there and blog. The examples given are about companies but bloggers have their own “rules” and those are rules I have yet to understand because I am new to this and I don’t think I would pass. Those guys out there are harsh and not something to be reckon with. So what to do? Really take the time and make a blog or just leave it. But for a companies perspective, you should get out there and blog. There seems to be so many people doing it, its the easiest way to actually communicate to your customers. So yes, but I really think that bloggers should back off a little in this day and age. But maybe because I am scared of being attacked by a blogger and not knowing how to respond because this is a new world to me. I dont know. But then you get to chapter 11 and they give you tips of what to do in the blogging world. This is AWESOME. Finally something to actually give me a clear guide to this so called world that I am a foreigner in.  Yes the whole book is a guide in itself but this outlines it all much more clearly for me. I apperciate this. And seriously some of these are things that I would had never thought to take into consideration. The average joe seemed like a good name to me, but really when they broke it down, it made absolutely no sense to have that as a name.

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blogging- naked conversations

I have a lot of issues as I continue to read this book. Yes, for a companies sake there is a lot of good resources in blogging. And yes I find it cool how, said in chapter 4, “we can all be journalists.” and yes it seems to be a fair form of media, and easy type of media. But how many people typically take the time to look at a companies’ blog? I have never even heard of the idea of companies blogging until this book, and i would had thought myself to be pretty up on the times for my generation, but it doesnt seem to be this way if blogging is not part of my life because it seems to be a huge part of the business world today. But is it really that way? I find this book facinating but I don’t know how I really feel about blogging in the first place. And yes, its all good media, but that isnt the point I find of most importance, I guess I really just want to address the idea of blogging as a part of our society first and foremost.

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Creating Presentations

Out of the two blogs given I found the first one a lot more helpful and made me very curious on what Damien’s presentation is actually like. I really would like to see one now. The second blog had some useful information but I didn’t really enjoy and it wasn’t as captivating as the first one. The first one tips, humor, many slides I found helpful and good to know. And i think it would be helpful to watch one of Damien’s presentations.

1. Humor- or not even so much humor said, its more on the ability to captivate the audience and keep them interested.

2. many slides and they aren’t what you are saying but more of a guideline to what is going on for the auidence to look at.

3.Care- this is kind of a different concept because its not something you really hear to put in your presenation but it is imporant when you really think about it.

4. Take a moment- know what is the plot or the point and relate this quickly… important

5. Find your own voice- this is pretty simple but another concept that I dont really always consider that is important. But it is. It seems to be a key to a good presentation.

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